52% of Norway’s new car sales is now electric or hybrid

Norwegian e-mobility gains momentum as government keeps up smart incentives like liberal tax reliefs, free parking and other. Sales of fully electric and hybrid new cars rose above 50% in 2017. The plan is to meet exclusively electric market by 2025.

The official data released by Norwegian Road Federation (OFV) confirms the country’s both leading and pioneering role in zero- and low-emission transport. “For the first time we have a fossil-fuel market share below 50 percent.” – OFV chief Oeyvind Solberg Thorsen said to Reuters.

Norwegian government pursues the electric-only market goal by offering various attractive benefits for those who decide to switch to an electric car. Incentives include i.a. many tax reliefs, road and tunnel toll reliefs, free ferries, parking and re-charging.

It is worth pointing out that Norway produces almost all its electricity in hydro plants, which makes the whole shift to electromobility even more reasonable – it definitely helps to decrease the degree of air pollution.

In 2017 the International Energy Agency released a ranking which clearly shows a great gap in electric vehicles sales between Norway and countries like Netherlands, China Sweden, UK or France. IEA’s data shows also that top four models as regards electric and hybrid cars sales in Norway in 2017 were Volkswagen e-Golf, BMWi3, Toyota Rav4 and fully-electric Tesla Model X.

How are electric cars subsidized in different countries? Watch this short Deutsche Welle video to learn more: