Fond za zaštitu okoliša RH

New incentives for electric and hybrid vehicles purchases

Following a two-year break, Croatian companies and citizens will be able to apply for financial incentives for the purchase of environmentally friendly vehicles.

The Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund has announced that the total allocated funding reaches 25 million HRK, including 12 million HRK intended for citizens. The other 13 million HRK incentives will be available for businesses in a few weeks. The incentive program covers purchases of new “green” vehicles, including electric and hybrid cars, other four-wheel vehicles and even electric bikes. The maximum amount of the subsidy reaches enviable 40% of the vehicle price. It is also important to mention that the application procedure is very clear and easy to follow.

This year the Fund plans to introduce few other measures in the field of sustainable transport development, including energy-efficiency in urban transport, better quality public transport, eco-driving courses and EV chargers.