Buy a battery set

You can find various batteries types, models and brands in our offer – from traction Deep Cycle to advanced Lithium-ion batteries for demanding applications and extended driving range. To attain optimal performance, we design every single battery set in compliance with the relevant business operations requirements as well as with manufacturing and industrial standards. In this way we guarantee the optimal balance between the batteries’ power capacity, life cycle, charging duration and cost of replacement.

We customize the battery set to the specific nature of each operation in which electric vehicle is implemented. We can offer both gel batteries, which do not require standard daily conservation, and Lithium-ion batteries, capable of partial charging.

Rent a battery

In order to facilitate electric vehicle purchase, we offer our clients a variety of commercial models, including one within which you can buy a vehicle without batteries and simultaneously rent a set of them for a long term. In this way the cost of the batteries is being assigned to operational costs, which is the best solution to decrease the initial investment.

The long-term rental contract guarantees the proper functioning of the batteries and vehicle itself during the entire rental period. Additionally, we can separately contract the guaranteed rated capacity of the battery set. In this way the maintenance process and estimating the “fuel” costs becomes much easier.

When the rated capacity of the batteries goes below the contracted level, a new set of batteries is delivered to the client, while the old one is being disposed in compliance with highest ecological standards and relevant regulations.

Winter care

Having in mind the needs of these users whose fleets operate in seasonal cycles, we decided to include winter battery care services in our offer. That is actually the best way to keep the batteries in good health during the less intense maintenance or non-maintenance period, e.g. during the winter time. The service implies correct and safe battery storage – this means we can guarantee good condition of the set after the winterizing period and consequently extension of its lifetime.

Vehicle owner can choose between winterizing a complete vehicle or the battery set itself. Our service includes complete vehicle/batteries care program, from dismantling and subsequent reassembling of the battery set to door-to-door transport of the vehicle/battery, storage and dealing with the relevant administrative procedures.

In order to provide our clients with best logistic support, we also offer a special service package which combines both battery winterizing and full service maintenance of the vehicle. This option guarantees maximum reliability and full usage readiness for the next operational season and also significantly reduces the overall maintenance costs.