Successful implementation of electric vehicles in Bosnian electric power industry sector

After intensive business talks and technical evaluations, first Melex 391 has been delivered to the Elektroprivreda Hrvatske zajednice Herceg-Bosne d.d. Mostar

The vehicle is intended to provide a valuable aid to a variety of logistics tasks at the Svitava hydroelectric power plant which is expected to generate a number of improvements in the current plant business process. One of the most important will be a complete elimination of exhaust gases from the tunnel connecting the main engine and control facilities with the supporting outside infrastructure. In addition to cutting down costs of maintaining the air filtering system, the vehicle is expected to improve significantly staff productivity. Due to its compact size, the vehicle allows two-way traffic (vehicle passing) in the tunnel hence eliminating staff idle times in waiting for other traffic to leave prior to entering the tunnel. The vehicle is equipped with a closed cabin with slam doors and has been homologated for road use which broadens its potential applications even further.