Presentation of the Varaždin Integrated e-Mobility project at the Rijeka CIVINET Forum

Jointly with its partner Parkovi d.d. Varaždin, Wawa presented the Varaždin Integrated e-Mobility Implementation project at the recent CIVINET Forum held in Rijeka

CIVINET (CIVITAS City Networks) is a network of mobility stakeholders such as local governments, private consultants, solution providers and others aimed at promoting sustainable mobility practices, improving green mobility public awareness and linking EU cities in knowledge and best practice-sharing initiatives. Taking into account the pioneering character of the project, as well as the fact that it has been the single such project undertaken in the Croatian public utility sector, Wawa and its partners Parkovi d.d. were invited to present the project at the Rijeka CIVINET Forum. The forum provided an opportunity to share practical experiences in realising the project and proven both Wawa and Parkovi as innovative business entities recognisable by their state-of-the-art eco-friendly urban mobility undertakings.