As we have a vast experience in implementing complete e-mobility solutions, we can also separately deliver any single element of the system like  home charging stations, fast and super-fast chargers, batteries for all vehicle types and necessary charging terminals infrastructure. Charging Stations Batteries Charging Spots Feel free to contact us and set up a talk... Read more


Wawa is an exclusive distributor of many renowned electric vehicles brands and manufacturers. Our portfolio ranges from simple compact four-wheelers to heavy-duty cargo vehicles for industrial use and electric tourist trains. All our vehicles are custom made, in compliance with client's needs and further maintenance conditions. Most of them can be officially licensed for use... Read more


Buy a battery set You can find various batteries types, models and brands in our offer – from traction Deep Cycle to advanced Lithium-ion batteries for demanding applications and extended driving range. To attain optimal performance, we design every single battery set in compliance with the relevant business operations requirements as well as with manufacturing... Read more

Charging Stations

Wall-mounted charging stations Wall-mounted charging stations are designed for simple installation and use in open spaces and indoors where user authentication is not required. They are ideal for EV charging at locations such as hotel garages, campsites, company parking lots or for home use. The charging stations are designed to ease up handling and usage.... Read more

Fleet Maintenance

Mobile support Electric vehicles included in our portfolio are primarily utilised in closed transport facilities (parks, tourist resorts, manufacturing plants etc.), rarely on the public roads. Therefore, most requests for servicing entail our direct intervention at the client location. Our mobile Wawa support teams are specialized and experienced in preventive and corrective maintenance of all... Read more