Wall-mounted charging stations

Wall-mounted charging stations are designed for simple installation and use in open spaces and indoors where user authentication is not required. They are ideal for EV charging at locations such as hotel garages, campsites, company parking lots or for home use.

The charging stations are designed to ease up handling and usage. The charging session is initiated by simple plug ‘n charge mode of operation either by inserting the built-in cable into the socket on the vehicle or the EV’s adapter/cable on the wall box. Basic charging station configuration may be upgraded with optional features such as remote access/usage control, selector switch to control the output current, additional control indicators etc.

Technical characteristics:

  • 1 socket/connection cable
  • TYPE1/TYPE2 connection
  • AC power supply
  • Output power up to 22kW
  • Output current up to 32A
  • Optional remote access/communication

Fast charging AC stations

Fast charging stations are designed for commercial use and for more intensive charging purposes. They can be used in both public access environments such as at shopping centres, airports, petrol stations and retail centres parking lots, as well as in private car parks.

Their modern and innovative design ensures visibility and customer recognition, and underpins various marketing purposes.

Technical characteristics:

  • 2 or more sockets
  • simultaneous charging
  • TYPE2 connection
  • AC power supply
  • Output power up to 44kW
  • Output current up to 64A
  • Optional remote access/communication and/or EU-type sockets

Superfast DC charging stations

The superfast DC charging stations are designed for installation and usage at locations with high demand for quick battery charging. Typical examples are petrol stations, motorways, car rental companies parking lots, urban zones and other such places.

Their state-of-the-art technology enable charging support as well as battery charging for virtually all conventional electric vehicles today maintaining at the same time high safety standards for both the user and the vehicle. All models come with high-resolution user display as well as with accessibility for disable people which ensures intuitive usage and customer satisfaction.

Technical characteristics:

  • Up to 3 sockets/cords
  • Simultaneous charging
  • CCS, Type2, JEVS connection
  • DC power supply
  • Output power up to 50kW
  • Output current up to 108A
  • Required power supply capacity 96kVA
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