Mobile support

Electric vehicles included in our portfolio are primarily utilised in closed transport facilities (parks, tourist resorts, manufacturing plants etc.), rarely on the public roads. Therefore, most requests for servicing entail our direct intervention at the client location.

Our mobile Wawa support teams are specialized and experienced in preventive and corrective maintenance of all electric vehicle types. Our helpdesk is ready to register your request 24/7 so that our service team can repair the breakdown as quickly as possible.

Our clients, regardless of their fleet size, age and type, have the option to sign an agreement on its conservation and maintenance services. Monitoring of its operating regime and carefully chosen maintenance and conservation regime reduces the frequency of malfunctions during periods of intensified exploitation like the tourist season. Thanks to our vast experience in this field, the spectrum of vehicle brands we are able to service is uniquely broad. Moreover, we can also provide our best support and services in case of brands which we don’t oficially represent.

Service centre

In case of any complicated malfunctions which we are not able to solve on client location, we transport the vehicle directly to our service centre.

In order to maximally reduce the out-of-service period of your vehicle, our service centre has an enviable stock of spare parts of various relevant brands. In case of any longer waiting time (e.g. when a spare part exceptionally needs to be ordered), we provide our clients with an option to temporarily use one of our backup vehicles.

We suggest every client with a season-oriented operating regime to thoroughly service their fleet during the non-exploitation period. It is possible to combine this with our winter care services.

Overhauling and upgrading

As a result of the 10-year hands-on experience in servicing a variety of vehicles, different in type, purpose and brand, today we are able to service, upgrade and/or overhaul virtually any type of electric, gasoline or diesel-powered vehicle originally designed to be used in closed logistics systems.

Any such service/upgrade/overhauling is always preceded with a detailed technical inspection of the vehicle/fleet which is then followed by an investment budget estimate. In doing these, only original spare parts are used or, if needed, new parts are designed and manufactured from scratch. All servicing activities are undertaken with highest safety and quality standards.

Next to overhauls, we can also adjust your vehicles to any needs  with various types of hardware and software upgrades – from new different-type load body , thermal insulation or a rust-proof  cover, to special design audio systems for conducted tourist tours and sattelite navigation systems.