Wawa Solutions

Selected projects

Green passenger transport @ Mon Perin campsites

Implementation of green passenger transport at Mon Perin San Polo and Colone campsites in Istrian peninsula Croatia is a logical follow-up measure to the owner’s desire to brand the campsites as green oases of peace and direct contact with nature. Unfortunately, due to their unquestioned beauty and attractiveness, in peak holiday season campsites get overwhelmed by tourists with up to 1500 visitors per day, most of whom come individually by car. The project was therefore intended to improve the campsite operations by closing the access for cars and offering an alternative transport mode by means of electric vehicles.

The solution provided had to meet the following requirements:

  • Ecological zero-emissions transport
  • Capacity of up to 1500 visitors per day
  • Optimal route and hope-on/hope-off locations positioning
  • Cost-benefit analysis

The preparation of the project started with the evaluation of test routes, all of which were measured and tested by the use of state-of-the-art geoinformation tools. Results of the measurement enabled us to propose few alternative transport types with either electric or Diesel powertrains. The project has unquestionably proved feasible and the solution beneficial to the business operations of Maian d.o.o. As a result, the deployed fleet still successfully operates in the campsites.

Parkovi d.d. Varaždin – a complete e-mobility solution

Complete e-mobility system has been implemented as a result of Parkovi d.d. company and Varaždin municipality agreement in regard of sustainable development and responsible resources management in the town logistics. The system consists of three key segments – a 23kW solar power station, electric vehicles for logistics and an appriopriate AC charging station.

Parkovi d.d. company handles the maintenance of green areas in the town of Varaždin, produces and sells plants in own production facilities and sales points and manages one of the most beautiful cemeteries in Europe – the municipal Varaždin cemetery.

Having conducted detailed analyses and carried out initial stages of implementation, we have undoubtedly proved that the system could lead to significant cost benefits, primarily as a result of more effective energy use, and also to reduce CO2 emission by even  13 tons per year.

The implemented solution is driven by Melex electric vehicles, fitted with one of the most advanced Lithium-ion battery sets compatible with regular charging stations with the Type2 connector.

Next to much better usage flexibility, these vehicles are virtually autonomous thanks to the fact they can be charged between every single ride.

E-mobility @ Valamar Isabella Island Resort Poreč

Wawa has been one of the Valamar Riviera d.d. partners involved in the project of the complete reconstruction of the Sv. Nikola island resort. Valamar Riviera d.d. intention was to establish a zero-emissions zone on the Sv. Nikola island. As one of the main partners, Wawa has implemented a green fleet of electric vehicles for utilisation in almost every single logistics process on the island.

Although spatially small, the Sveti Nikola island and its resort are divided into few accomodation zones each of which differs in content intented for various target groups. For instance, one part of the island, reserved for a family holidays, provides accomodation in a hotel and many usual amenities, while the youth zone guarantees a perfect stay for younger tourists, especially thanks to offered sport activities, music events and other urban-style features.

This project is a follow-up to a long-time  collaboration between Wawa and Valamar Riviera which we have launched back in 2008 through implementation of first Melex vehicles on the island of Sveti Nikola. The task of turning the whole resort to a ecologically clean transport zone was quite a tough challenge, especially due to planned significant increase of the visits number, as well as the need to incorporate the whole existing logistics of the resort to the new e-mobility solution – from housekeeping, restaurants logistics and maintenance to horticulture logistics and guests transport.

Having in mind the extent of the project, we have realised two important needs – the “Proof-of-Concept” testing of the proposed solution and extending the number of technological alternatives. A particular challenge was to design the vehicle for the island housekeeping services, mainly because of the tough terrain and access to various facilities. The final solution was driven by Melex and Bradshaw vehicles which have been successfully put into operation in this wonderful resort.